My oeuvre is entirely my own. Each piece is connected with a certain time and place in my life, and brings delicate or abstract experiences into a more concrete, physical reality.

I welcome enquiries, if you would like to know about the context of a particular piece for example, or simply price. Please contact me if you would like to arrange an appointment to view.

Most of my artworks are unique. Some are original, meaning there could be up to eight, numbered 1/8, 2/8 etc with artist proofs. These might be experiments with colour, for example. Occasionally I have made multiples, which also interest me. These are small pieces, editions of more than twelve but less than forty, also numbered.



Works in Somerset and London

Born in London, 1965
Immigrated to the US in 1968, returned to the UK in 1979

Chelsea School of Art,  1984-86
Byam Shaw School of Art,  1986-89

British New Contemporaries  1989. This year was selected by Nicholas Logsdail, Iwona Blaswick, Richard Wilson and Sacha Craddock, and included Damian Hirst.

Awards / Grants
Paul Hamlyn Foundation in 1991 & 1997
Oppenheim-John Downes Trust in 1999
Foundation for Sports and the Arts in 1997
London Borough of Southwark in 1997
London Arts Board in 1995 & 1997
Arts Council England in 1997 & 2009

In 1997 curated Siteworks, a series of works in public places around Bankside, during the lead-up to the transformation to Tate Modern; co-curated with Isobel Bowditch, and including artists, Andrew Grassie and Mairéad McClean.

Siteworks, 1997, Isobel Bowditch, ISBN 0 9531643 0 6
Proposals 1 – 9, 2001, Veronica Wilton

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