Quercus Apple

2021 – 2023
Edition 20 (3 available)
23.5 cm x 11 cm diameter

A large acorn in Apple green. This has an unglazed matt ‘cap’, and a glossy, glazed nut.

These are handmade objects. The original was made in clay, from this a plaster mould was taken, they were then slip-cast in porcelain, and bisque fired. Next they are glazed and high-fired, the detail (twig) is then assembled and hand-finished. A tiny 1mm hole is deliberate (allowing for air pressure) and any slight imperfection in the glaze is not a flaw but part of the character of a handmade work.

An edition of 20, each is initialled on one end of the twig. They come with an additional signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.  (Please note: The outdoor pictures show a paler shade, Quercus ‘Sage’, which have been sold. Quercus ‘Apple’ is shown in the first two pictures on a brown background.) Porcelain is delicate and should be handled with care.

They are very carefully packaged, in a box cushioned inside a second outer box, so that they may be safely posted.